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Roatan Serenity Day Spa Services

Massage & Body Treatments    Facials    Aromatherapy Soaking Tub    Manicures & Pedicures

Serenity Day Spa uses Aromatherapy Oils to sooth your thirsty body and replenish its natural glow. These essential oils and their healthy benefits penetrate your skin through hair follicles and glands and are absorbed into the body fluids, where they not only help kill bacteria and viruses, but also stimulate the body's immune system, therefore strengthening your resistance to further attacks.
Massage or Aromatherapy Soaking Tubs are the best way to receive the therapeutic benefits of essential  oils.
We use only therapeutic grade oils and have 32 single note oils for customizing your care. Please just ask!

Blends Include: Awakening, Clarity, Renewal, Bliss, Serenity, Devotion, Purify, Harmony and Relax
Our more popular soaks include: helping to prevent fly and mosquito bites, soothing the ones you have, too much sun, tummy trouble, heat rash, leg cramps, relieving stress, sore muscles, head cold, fever, too much rum :), dry skin, menstrual cramps and just feeling blissful!
Massages and Body Treatments
Aromatherapy Oils are customized to your needs and then blended into our rich massage cream.
50 min. Aromatherapy Massage: $50
80 min. $80
70 min. Hot Stone Massage: $70   Flat, heated, stones are placed at key points on the body providing healing penetration.
Mu-Xing Therapy : $70   is a treatment using warm bamboo and rosewood tools to perform deep tissue massage techniques. Using different size and shape tools with special strokes addresses the ischemic tissue and promotes a deep sense of overall well being and relaxation.
1 3/4 hour Dry Body Brush, Detoxifying or Firming Mud Wrap with a full Body Massage: $75
1 1/2 hour Full Body Sea Salt Treatment with a  Full Body Aromatherapy Massage: $85

1 1/2 hour Chocolate Salt Glow Treatment and Full Body Chocolate Massage : $75

Coffee Therapy Treatment with a Full Body Massage: $75

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage with a Papaya Facial: $80

Full Body Aromatherapy Soak , Aromatherapy Massage, O.P.I. Pdicure or Manicure and a Rum Punch : $98

3 Hour Special: Sea Salt Glow Treatment, Full Body Aromatherapy Massage and finish with an O.P.I. Pedicure and Celeste's Rum Punch: $148


We custom designed our Spa with spectacular airbrushed ceilings to lift you out of your worries and transport you up, up and away into tranquility and peace. So, lean back and enjoy your facial and relax to soft music and candlelight as the treatments replenish your skin.

Papaya Cleansing Facial $40

Micro Refining Mud Cleansing Facial  $50

Micro Refining Anti-aging and Vitamin Mask with the micro needle rolling system $70

Collagen Facial with micro needle roller and under eye collagen pads $75

Ultimate Nourishing Facial: micro refining polish, glycolic treatment, vitamin A,D & E treatment, micro needle roller and anti aging mask, under eye collagen pads, head, neck, arm and leg massage $90

Dr. Temt Facials

Dr. Temt Facials are made by hand in Vienna Austria with raw materials from around the world. The micro needle roller system increases the rate the serum and vitamins are absorbed into the skin.

Advanced Anti-Again Facial: Vitamins C,A,E,F, collagen, tripetides, HCL serum and sea buckorn oil mask. This improves tightness, tone and the moisture level of your skin. Your skin will feel revitalized and youthful. $70

Nourishing Facial: vitamins A,B6, E&B2 serum, followed by a cucumber mask to give your skin a glow and healthy appearance. $70

Hydro-regulation Facial: Glycerin & aquaderm serum, followed by a royal glee mask. Great for very dry skin. Your face will feel moist, supple and smooth. $70

Oxygenating Facial: Oxygen complex serum followed by a collagen mask. Repairs, moisturizes and softens skin. Your skin will feel so smooth! $70

Caviar Facial: Caviar extract and zoo plankton serum followed by a collagen mask. Treats damaged, stressed, dry skin. This feeds your face. $70

Purifying Facial: Purify clear complex serums of salicylic acid, euresol, glycerin followed by a purifying mask.  Perfect for oily, acne or problem skin. Highly antiseptic and disinfecting. $70

Add On's:

Collagen under eye or lip pads to any facial for $5

Glycolic Liquid Treatment to reduce fine lines and even the skin texture and color with almond oils and Vitamin A. $5

Aromatherapy Soaking Tub

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt or Virgin Coconut Oil with a blend of essential oils to suite your needs:
40 min. $40          50 min. $50
Add a 30 min. aromatherapy soak to any treatment for $25


Himalalyan Pink Seas Salt is by far the purist form of salt available on earth. It is completely uncontaminated with any toxins or pollutants. It is known as "white gold".  Himalayan salt offers all natural elements identical to the elements in your body. Some benefits are reducing the signs of aging, prevents muscle cramps, promotes bone strength, regulates the water content in your body and regulates blood pressure.             

Roatan Virgin Coconut Oil is grown and pressed here in the Bay Islands. The small molecular structure allows for easy absorption into the skin. It is has a natural antioxidant that helps strengthens the elasticity of the connective tissue. It is also a powerful anti-aging compound of the skin. It also raises your metabolism to aide in weight loss.

Manicures and Pedicures
O.P.I. Manicures with lower arm salt glow: $25
O.P.I. Pedicures with lower leg salt glow and masque $30
Nail Art $5
Princess Packages (ages 12 and under please)  Shirley Temple drink and pedicure or manicure with nail art $10 
Schedule your Princess Pampering Party Today!

Waxing Available

Brow $8,   Lip $5,   Arm $15,   Underarm $12,   Half Leg $25,   Full Leg $40,   Bikini $20

Roatan Serenity Day Spa Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

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