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Roatan Serenity Day Spa Products
Serenity Day Spa uses only the best, purest products available from around the world. Our Aromatherapy Oils are therapeutic single note oils. Our massage creams and facial creams are Biotone which is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products. Our Aromatherapy Oils easily mix with Biotone to give you customized care. Dr. Temt facial products are made by hand in Vienna Austria with raw materials from around the world. The micro needle roller system increases the rate the serum and vitamins are absorbed into the skin. Serenity Day Spa products are hypoallergenic and pure, offering an experience you will never forget.
Aromatherapy Oils sooth your thirsty body and replenish its natural glow. The oils are 100% pure, undiluted, unaltered for the highest therapeutic quality. These oils are derived from plants, flowers, trees, fruit, bark, grasses and seeds which posses distinctive psychological and physiological properties geared to improving your well being. Used to alleviate stress and create a calm serene experience they are best used by adding them to a warm bath or applied directly to the skin through a massage. They sooth the skin, relieve tension and invigorate the entire body. The oils are absorbed into the body fluids where they also help kill bacteria and viruses and stimulate the body's immune system.
We offer a variety of blends: Awakening, Clarity, Renewal, Bliss, Serenity, Devotion, Purity, Harmony and Relax to just name a few.The use of the oils in our aromatherapy soaking tub helps prevent insect bites, sooth the ones you have, too much sun, tummy trouble, heat rash, leg cramps, relieving stress, sore muscles, head cold, fever, too much RUM, dry skin, menstrual cramps and just being blissful.
Biotone Creams
Biotone products are the highest quality professional massage and spa therapy creams available in the world today.
The creams are soothing, hydrating, anti-aging and infused with an exclusive bio-firming complex, vitamins C&K and botanical extracts of white peach, pineapple, and mango. This high-performance skin repairing moisturizer is pH balanced, non-comedogenic and gives the skin a fresh, younger, healthier look.
The special blends help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.The creams easily mix with essential oils for soft tissue mobilization, myo-fascial therapy and instrument assisted techniques like the micro-needle roller.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is the purest salt available on earth. It's natural elements are identical to the elements in your body. This salt mixed with aromatherapy oils in the soaking tub, promotes maximum healing and relaxation for your body. Purchase a sample to try at home too!

Roatan Virgin Coconut Oil is grown and pressed here on the Island. It is a natural antioxidant and anti-aging compound. It also boosts your immune system aiding in weight loss. It is great for those laugh lines around your eyes and to spread over skin that has seen too much sun! Samples are available.

We are proud to bring you the best products available for your Roatan Serenity Day Spa experience.
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Roatan Serenity Day Spa Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

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